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Chaos Boats represent the finest quality and performance found in shallow water fishing boats. Many builders claim such ideas. As acknowledged by veteran boaters, anglers, boat dealers, and boating industry leaders, Chaos Boats have the highest degree of fit and finish, structural integrity, and shallow water / rough water performance available today from any builder anywhere in the world.

Each boat is painstakingly hand crafted with an attention to detail that could be considered fanatical. We take great pride in knowing that each Chaos Boat built will provide its’ owner with years of pride of ownership as well as unforgettable boating and fishing experiences.

One look at Chaos Boats and you will see for yourself that only the highest quality components are installed by the most skilled and conscientious craftsmen.

The genuine Carolina hull design with substantial flare forward that transitions into generous tumblehome aft with an integrated rub strake requires hours of hand finishing by our North Carolina craftsmen due to the complex mold assemblies required to create such exotic shapes. Others in the industry allude to these shapes in their marketing language, but do not have the skill or desire to put forth the design and building effort to create the real thing. If you want an imitation, buy their boat.

If you are passionate about the ownership of a true Carolina boat, and you are looking for a true flats boat, an honest bay boat, or a quality yacht tender, Chaos Boats epitomize this class and are the only choice.

Ride. Everyone talks about the performance and awesome ride characteristics of their boats and we could do the same, like kids in a school yard each claiming they hit the ball further or harder.

It has been said that “Form Follows Function” and while we agree, we also believe that “Function Follows Form”. The Carolina bow flare is as attractive as it is functional in providing an integral spray deflector as well as creating an oversized bow casting area. The Carolina aft tumblehome flows aesthetically while providing a wider beam surface aft which creates additional stability at rest as well as more lift in order to “jump” on plane in shallow water.

Rough water. Skinny water. Shallow draft. Fishability in all conditions. Enviable Stylishness. Carolina Craftsmanship. Boats of Integrity.