1. Safety
There is no more important issue to us at Grady-White than safety and security. So we “overbuild” every boat, and we “overdo” every detail. Every model, even the larger boats, has basic or level flotation (although not generally required in boats over 26 feet). Every boat has handholds built in right where you reach. Compare the safety factors before you buy another brand. Grady-Whites are built to be the safest choice in boating.
2. Customer Satisfaction
Every third party study ever done in the marine industry has ranked Grady-White highest in its category. No other coastal boat builder has been highest ranked even once. If you want the most satisfying boat experience, every indicator ever done says you really want the Grady-White.
3. Continuity/Longevity of Grady-White and Dealerships
This year, Grady-White celebrates well over 50 years of private ownership and well over 40 years of continuous ownership by the Smith family. That level of continuity is almost unheard-of, and is an important factor in being able to deliver a more satisfying boating experience. There is no substitute for the generations of knowledge your family-owned or family-staffed Grady-White dealer represents. Grady dealers are measured for performance, and are proven to be the best in the business.
4. The Best Ride in Boating
Boat length for boat length, there is no ride like a Grady-White‘s. Grady-White‘s exclusive C. Raymond Hunt Associates-designed SeaV2 hull‘s continuously variable vee is truly incomparable. Step aboard a Grady-White and enjoy the best ride in boating.
5. Yes, You Can Afford a Grady
Your Grady-White dealer is ready to do what it takes to ensure that you can get the Grady you‘ve always wanted. A family boat purchase is not the occasion to consider only the lowest price. What you want is total value. A Grady-White is a better value from the first day onward, and you‘ll appreciate this fact every time you‘re aboard. Ask your dealer to show you why a Grady-White is the best value in boating.
6. Dealers Who Can and Will Address Any Question in a Timely Fashion
More than with any other brand, buying a Grady-White means buying a boating experience and not just a boat. Grady-White dealers are strategically located to help owners wherever, whenever, and they MEASURABLY have the highest standards of customer satisfaction. They have to, not only because it‘s good business but because Grady-White requires these high standards.  So service issues are not an issue, promises are promises and with Grady-White more than any other brand, your dealer is the best in the industry.
7. Five Full Time Factory Customer Representatives Who Will Return Your Call
Our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly factory customer representatives are, without a doubt, the best in the business. They will bend over backwards to answer your questions and help ensure you have a great boating experience in your Grady-White.
8. The Highest Resale Value
Just compare the resale values as you are shopping. Look at the used boat classifieds. If you can find a Grady-White for sale, you clearly will see that a well-cared-for Grady-White commands a better resale price than any other boats in the category.
9. A Company That Really Cares and Is Going to Be There For You
Ask a Grady-White owner. You‘ll discover that there is simply no other boatbuilder who has the longstanding depth of relationship with customers that Grady-White does.  We call it “Grady Care” and it includes our award-winning Anchorline and Docklines print and e-newsletters, Owners Forums, Customer Surveys, our Facebook postings, our YouTube Channel, our Twitter tweets, an on-line resource center and Customer Tips area, over 100 Club and dealer sponsored events each year and much, much more. The Grady-White company truly cares about your boating experience more than others do.
10. A Legacy of Uncompromising Product Quality
Grady-White boats are products of a unique combination of saltwater heritage, a keen knowledge of coastal boating developed over 50 years, and a culture of long-term private ownership. Grady-White aims to ensure that product quality is NEVER a question so your investment lasts for the long term. From door latches, to grab rails, to handholds, to 316L stainless steel through-bolted cleats, all hardware is the very best quality, selected for utility and strength. Galley, head and cabin fixtures are the best available. Fiberglass and resins are the very strongest and hand laid for uniformity and strength. No coastal boat is built with closer attention to quality and function. The sea does not compromise and neither should you.
11. A Company That “Sweats the Details”
Grady-White is fiercely dedicated to our customers, and our management team is focused on the little things that make the difference between good and great. No other coastal boat company sweats the details like Grady-White.
12. The Most Superbly Engineered Coastal Boat
The people that design and build Grady-Whites are boaters themselves. Factory engineers consult with dealers, associates and especially our boat owners to create the customer-oriented features that make a Grady-White such a pleasure. Grady-Whites are built using the most modern materials with the most thorough testing and quality control in the finest most thoroughly integrated boat plant of its kind in the world. You are invited to visit the plant and see this incomparable process for yourself.