VIDEO: Beaufort by Boat

The Cape Fear Grady Club traveled to Beaufort, NC by boat, July 15-18, 2021. They stayed at the beautiful Beaufort Hotel and docked next door at The Boathouse at Front Street Village.

If there’s one thing our club members have learned on these overnight trips, it’s bring friends and many did just that!  Club members’ friends and family are always welcome to join on their Grady for any Cape Fear Grady Club trip!

Thursday morning, the club departed from the Atlantic Marine docks at 10:00am and headed to Beaufort via the Intracoastal Waterway, passing through Camp Lejeune, past Swansboro, along the Bogue Sound, past the Morehead City Waterfront and on through the NC State Port.  They arrived in Beaufort about 2:00pm and traveled up Taylor’s Creek just over two miles from Downtown Beaufort.    They stayed at the Beaufort Hotel and docked in Taylor’s Creek at The Boathouse.  The Cape Fear Grady Club celebrated their arrival with a pool party, frozen drinks from the pool bar, and catered snacks from 34 North. Later, some relaxed in their rooms, while others headed downtown on golf cart to shop or enjoyed cocktails on their Grady or at the waterfront restaurant.

Friday morning, club members met on the dock to pick up their boxed lunches from Beaufort Grocery. Most boats followed Jordan out to Shackleford Banks to anchor with the wild horses for the day, while some ventured to Oriental or New Bern.

On Saturday, club members could be spotted anywhere from Morehead City waterfront, to Taylor’s Creek, to Cape Lookout!

Sunday morning, club members departed the hotel at their leisure, most following Jordan out of Beaufort at 10:00am to head home.

Come see what all the hype’s about. Join us on the next Cape Fear Grady Club trip in your Grady-White Boat!