Boat Handling and Safety Mini Courses

Join us for one of two boating instruction and safety courses hosted by Atlantic Marine and led by Captain Kevin Hennessey of US Powerboat Training. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.


Thursday, August 4, 5:30pm-8:00pm. Instruction begins at 6:00pm. Learn the basics of boat handling, docking, anchoring, navigation. Even if you don’t frequently operate your boat, this a great time to get more familiar and prepare yourself, should you suddenly find yourself at the helm. The course is open to all and refreshments will be provided.


Thursday, August 18, 5:30pm-8:00pm. This will cover similar material August 4th course, but gentlemen, we’re asking you to sit this one out! This is open to ladies only, and refreshments will be provided. Instruction begins at 6:00pm.

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Captain Kevin Hennessey

Captain Kevin Hennessey is a Master Power Boating and Sailing Instructor.  His dedication to getting people on the water has made his training organization, the Cape Fear Sailing Academy, one of the elite schools in the country.  Additionally, his power training facility in Southport is known as one of the best in the country and the best in North Carolina.  Learn the basics from the best!