Ever wonder how we move the big Grady-Whites and Chris-Crafts into our showroom? It starts when a new boat is delivered to the beach.   First, the boat is off loaded from the shipping company’s truck using one or two of our Taylor Admiral forklifts.

Next, the boat is prepped, motors are oiled, propellers are installed, batteries are installed or tested, and all systems are tested. Then, using a forklift, the boat is loaded onto a roller trailer.  This is a trailer with a series of rubber rollers mounted on multiple articulating arms that allow the rollers to form the shape of the boat.   The boat is delivered to the showroom, and rolled off of the trailer using an electric winch, onto a set of dollies.

Then, using a battery operated lift, the boat is pulled to its final display location, shore power is connected to provide power to accessories, and a set of stairs is positioned to allow easy boarding of the vessel.

Watch this time lapse as a 2015 Grady-White 307 Enters the showroom: